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Mercury Retrograde Guide | California Psychics

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Just the thought of Mercury Retrograde makes us nervous, doesn’t it? So much legend and lore is connected with the mishaps that reportedly take place during Mercury Retrograde that it’s necessary to sort out what actually does and doesn’t happen here. So, let’s separate fact from fiction about this infamous time period, which actually occurs three to four times every year.

First of all, Mercury Retrograde lasts for several weeks, including a “shadow period” that starts when the planet “stations”, or stands still, until it returns to the sign and degree of the zodiac where it initially slowed down to change directions. The sign and house that Mercury is transiting, and the things that they rule, will point to the areas of our lives that tend to be highlighted.

For example: if Mercury’s in Taurus, it could highlight real estate, if it’s in Scorpio, taxes and insurance. If it’s in Aries, how we put ourselves out in the world, if Pisces, our mystical connections and psychic ability. You get the picture.

To refine this a little further, a Taurus Mercury Retrograde taking place in your second house would highlight banking, savings, and investments. But, if it’s in the fourth house, it probably points to issues relating to land and your home.

Planets don’t really move backwards, however, they just appear to do so. Nevertheless, this phenomenon does cause changes in human affairs until the period ends. Whether a planet changes to direct or to retrograde motion, we humans know that something is about to happen!

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What Effects Does it Have?

Because Mercury rules spoken and written communication, it’s true that misunderstandings can take place. Verbal and written messages frequently give a different impression than what was intended. Devices ruling communication go on the blink. Phones, computers, anything with a lot of little parts, can go haywire and need to be repaired. Travel plans may need to be modified. Even important conversations can be affected.

In general, we have a tendency to misunderstand situations, and what we think we want during Mercury Retrograde frequently changes as soon as Mercury stations direct.

Mercury Retrograde Do’s and Don’ts

So, what should we do, and not do, during a Mercury Retrograde?

  • Do: double-check fine print on any contract you are signing. Ask as many questions as you need to in order to fully understand what’s going on.
  • Do: take time to gather information for a project you plan to start later.
  • Do: reach out and get back in touch with contacts you made in the past relating to your career.
  • Do: review and reflect on who and what you want as part of your life, and reconsider taking up with acquaintances you’ve left behind, after careful consideration, of course.
  • Do: get back in touch with old friends and lovers for the purpose of understanding what you offer each other, and either “close” or go forward, accordingly.

Now for some don’ts:

  • Don’t: move impulsively to a new location without thoroughly researching the area and cost. If possible, wait until Mercury goes direct to actually sign the mortgage or lease, and make the move itself.
  • Don’t: make a new romantic commitment, or get married during a Mercury Retrograde. Don’t decide to break up or get divorced. Wait a few weeks and see if you still feel this is necessary.
  • Don’t: buy high ticket items, especially if they are communications devices or vehicles. You stand a good chance of getting a “lemon.”
  • Don’t: decide on a new career path, school, friend, or lover without waiting a few weeks until Mercury is direct. You may or may not still think it’s a good idea to go forward at that time. It’s not bad to gather information, or get acquainted with a person or place, just don’t commit until the retrograde period has cleared.

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period

There’s more to a retrograde than just the time the planet spends in reverse, there’s also the pre and post-retrograde periods, also known as the shadow periods. In the case of Mercury Retrograde, the shadow periods last about two weeks each. While not as potent as the actual retrograde itself, you can still be affected by the shadow periods, so it’s important to know when they’re going to hit, and fortunately, they’re easy to calculate.

To start, you’ll need an ephemeris, which is a chart that details the movement of the planets throughout the given year by degrees and signs. You can purchase them in various lengths of time, from one year, all the way to out to the next 8,000 years. Next, locate the end date of the Mercury Retrograde in question to discover what sign and degree Mercury will be at when it ends, then find the date previous to the end of the retrograde when Mercury was in that same sign and degree, and you will know when the shadow period for Mercury retrograde begins. The same rule applies to calculating when it’s shadow period ends, except in reverse. This time, look at what sign and degree the retrograde begins in, then go down your ephemeris to find the next time in the year Mercury will be at that sign and degree, and you will have the exact end date of that Mercury Retrograde post-shadow period, and the true, official end of Mercury Retrograde.

Mercury Retrograde Self-Care

How do we make the most of the retrograde energies? A great thing to do during Mercury Retrograde is to simply rest more. Do something recreational. Take a minimally planned get-away trip and keep a sense of humor about delays and changes.

Go back and review your journals. Record your dreams. Think about where you’ve come from and where you’d like to head. Actually, finish that project that you started and left hanging, if it’s something that is important to you.

Benefits of Mercury Retrograde

Believe it or not, this infamous period really does have some advantages! It is a great opportunity to fine-tune documents of all kinds. It’s a great time to revise anything that you’ve previously done. This can even include intimate relationships, so take time out to think and talk with your partner about what you’d like to see happen in the future. Just don’t implement those big changes for a few weeks!

And What of 2022?

This year, there are four, that’s right, four(!) Mercury retrogrades, in 2022. Well, really, there are three, and then a fourth one that takes us from the end of 2022, and into 2023.

• Jan. 14-Feb. 4 (From Aquarius back into Capricorn.)
• May 10- June 3 (From Gemini back into Taurus.)
• Sept. 10- Oct. 2 (From Libra back into Virgo.)
• Dec. 29- Jan. 18, 2023 (Capricorn)

So, relax, and have a peaceful and positive Mercury retrograde!

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