The Best Self-Care Routine for Aquarius

Best Self-Care Routine for an Aquarius | California Psychics

What is Aquarius Self-Care?

Happy Aquarius season! As the season of the empathetic Water Bearer begins, their energy gets a boost from the cosmos. Everything is heightened for Aquaruis during this season, including their need for self-care. If you are not an Aquaruis, you can use this guide to help your Aquaruis friends and family get the self-care they deserve. You can also use this guide for yourself, for these self-care activities are designed to help you get through Aquaruis season. Check back next month for a new routine to help you through Pisces season.

The humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarius will often find themselves in need of self-care. Active, passionate, and empathetic, Aquarius will run themselves ragged for the sake of any worthy cause. It’s not a heavy price to pay to an Aquarius, but they can forget that a well-oiled machine runs better than a rusty one. So, what is the best self-care routine for an Aquarius? It’s solitary puzzle games, hiking, and reading about topics that interest them. It’s doing crafts with their friends, doing a breathing meditation, getting a massage, and losing themselves in their favorite music. Aquarius self-care is a combination of relaxation, self-improvement, and solitude.

What Stresses an Aquarius Out?

Aquarius easily see the problems and the injustices in the world, and they want to correct them all at the same time. The inability to do so, coupled with the fact that they are one person who can only do so much can leave them feeling disheartened. As an Air sign, they also have a tendency to disconnect from their emotions in order to see the world from a logical perspective. This can hurt their relationships if they’re not careful, even though they’re really trying to protect themselves, and possibly the other person, from whatever the Aquarius is currently feeling. Yes, the Aquarius’ feelings, because in spite of the rumors, they have deeply sensitive hearts that care about everyone so much that they can burn themselves out faster than a fireworks display. Hence the need for a self-care routine. As Eleanor Brownn said, “You cannot pour from an empty vessel.” So, here’s your personalized self-care routine for the Water Bearer.

Self-Care for the Mind of an Aquarius

  • Aquarius Morning Routine- Aquarius like to think in logical steps, so a morning routine that’s easy to follow is essential for them. It can be as simple as wake up, start the coffee, shower, skin care, brushing their teeth, and breakfast. As long as it’s a morning routine that gets their brain moving in the morning exists, the actions can be tailored to each Aquarius’ preferences.
  • Podcasts/Books/Research- An Aquarius’ desire for knowledge is matched only by their desire to help people. It’s a trait that serves them very well. When it comes to self-care of the mind, expanding the knowledge, skills, and experiences that will help both their career and personal growth is important. That usually translates into a lot of time spent listening to experts on social issues, reading books, and researching the resources others have made available to the public.
  • Personal Hobbies- As much as Aquarius genuinely enjoy improving their deeper dives into activism, it can take a toll. This is why they should also cultivate a few hobbies and other interests that are just for pleasure they can turn to when their mind is exhausted. When an Aquarius needs a mental break, a puzzle or some crosswords will do the trick. Also, don’t be surprised to find their streaming service of choice full of interesting and weird documentaries. It’s the Aquarius way.

Self-Care for the Body of an Aquarius

  • Pilates or Yoga- Aquarius have a bad habit of getting lost in their heads, so while they know they need physical activity, they can easily forget that they do. Instead of joining an organized sport (Aquarians are good at sports, but bad at following the rules) the most effective workout for Aquarius would be an alternative form of exercise, such as Pilates or Hatha Yoga. Both are gentle yet active, involve a great deal of stretching, which is a relief for those muscles that have spent so much time cramped into reading chairs, and still allow them to meditate while participating. Either of these exercises would be fantastic additions to a morning or evening routine as well.
  • Hiking- Another effective workout for an Aquarius would be hiking. All Air signs love being outside and getting into nature gives them an opportunity to wander and explore to their heart’s content. Nature has many meditative qualities that Aquarius admire, and they should indulge as often as they can.
  • Sleep- Aquarius is one of those zodiac signs that tries to shove as much into their day as possible, so they don’t sleep as much as they probably should. They often think they can easily function on four hours of sleep or less, after having stayed up all night reading. Honestly, you’ll probably never convince an Aquarius to get as much sleep as they need. If an Aquarius can get at least six hours of sleep however, they’ll be able to get a lot more done throughout the day than on their usual four. Of course, such matters should always be discussed with a medical professional first and foremost.

Self-Care for the Heart of an Aquarius

  • Romantic Partners- Aquarius is not fond of labels and they’re rarely in traditional romantic relationships. This can work as long as their partner knows where they stand. Aquarius’ preference will always be for independent relationships where both parties are on equal standing. When in a relationship, it’s best for an Aquarius to make sure that all of the right boundaries are still in place from time to time. In other words, communicate with each other. As long as both parties are on the same page, there’s no reason to change a relationship that works.
  • Friends- When it comes emotional self-care, in some ways, Aquarius is amazing at it. When it comes to their relationships, especially with friends, they only want three things: integrity, curiosity, and creativity. Integrity is the most important of those traits, and they have no qualms about cutting people out of their lives if someone fails to live up to that standard. However, sometimes Aquarius just needs to get together with their friends and do something creative to help lift some of the heaviness from their lives.
  • Family- Relationships with family can be difficult, especially when Aquarius is one of the most likely signs to jump into a charged argument. This is when self-care often feels less fun and sometimes painful, but also where Aquarius tends to excel. In every relationship, especially familial, boundaries need to exist and be reinforced. Where Aquarius can sometimes fall short is recognizing when they need to make amends, because that’s part of self-care too; ensuring that unresolved issues don’t fester. Every once in a while, Aquarius needs to remember to say they’re sorry, but also to demand it when it’s warranted.

Self-Care for the Spirit of an Aquarius

  • Volunteer- Sometimes the state of the world can leave an Aquarius feeling extremely upset and melancholy. When that happens, the best thing they can possibly do is find somewhere in their community that needs help and go help them. Whether they spend the weekend working in a pet shelter, a food pantry, with the local veteran’s chapter, or at a community garden doesn’t matter. If activity is restricted due to health concerns, another option is to drop some food off at the food bank, donate to a few nonprofits that mean something to them, or start a “go fund me” for a person or cause that they believe could use the assistance. In this digitally connected world, there are plenty of ways to help, and since the Water Bearer is the tech guru of the zodiac, they’ll never be short of ways to do so, and it will lift their spirits at the same time.
  • Meditate- This might sound too easy, but a breathing meditation can help Aquarius develop mindfulness in their everyday life, as it demands that focus on nothing more than their breathing while performing it.
  • Alone Time- Aquarius revels in breaking rules, and that includes when it comes to confidence. Their contrary nature makes them nearly bullet proof, but an Aquarius’ self-esteem can be rocked by making a very visible mistake. When something like that happens, the best way to cheer an Aquarius up is to just leave them alone. Let them process what happened and be a sympathetic ear when they’re ready to talk about it.

What Relaxes an Aquarius?

  • Tech Detox- One of the best ways for an Aquarius to relax is to go on a complete tech detox. They are usually first in line for anything new in the tech world and are very active on social media. They love the stimulation, but their brain needs a chance to slow down from time to time too. So, turn off the tv, close the laptop, hide the phone, tablet, and e-reader for a few hours, and be calm.
  • Journal- Journaling is another great way to relax the mind, as it allows you to take every thought you’ve had swirling around in your head and get it out. Journaling allows you to notice patterns that you might not have seen if you’d allowed your thoughts to remain in your mind. It’s a great contemplative exercise, and since that’s Aquarius’ thing, they may just want to make journaling part of an evening routine to match their morning routine.

Activities Where Aquarius Can Let Go

  • Music- There’s something very transportive about music, which is why Aquarius likes it so much. It allows them to unwind from that tight emotional control they keep on themselves and just feel whatever the music is giving them. Aquarius loves going to concerts where they can be a little wild and crazy, or a little emotional depending on the venue. The genre of music doesn’t make much difference, because all music has something to offer. As long as it takes them away to a different place in their heads, they’re one happy Water Bearer.
  • Painting- Another activity that Aquarius loves to indulge in is painting. They have vibrant internal lives that they prefer to share only with those closest to them or when they’re alone, and painting allows them to express it. There are no rules when you put a brush to paper or canvas, and that appeals to Aquarius’ rebellious nature. So, when Aquarius is feeling cooped up or antsy, a quiet place to pull out their colors and go crazy is the perfect outlet.

Aquarius’ True Guilty Pleasures

  • Brain Games- There’s no denying that Aquarius is odd. From the outside, their version of indulgence is another person’s diet. If you don’t believe that, go read their section on self-care of the mind again. Aquarius’ guilty pleasure, which no one should actually guilt you for, is losing themselves in immersive experiences like board games, puzzles, video games, and books. This is where they live and shine, because they can show off their grand imagination and their mental acuity and be rewarded for it. They can dive into any of these activities for hours on end, and fortunately for them, most of these activities have thriving communities who will happily play them, so they’ll never be lonely when they want company.
  • Massage- Even the most brilliant and mentally agile of people need a brain break from time to time. When Aquarius just needs to really relax and float, a full body massage is the guilty pleasure they turn to. They can work themselves into literal knots over the state of the world or the progress of a project at work, and then carry the stress around for weeks. Gifting themselves a massage every now and then helps to put them in the correct mindset to approach a problem and actually fix it rather than just worry about it. That makes it not so much a guilty pleasure so much as a necessary part of their routine.

A True Necessity

Self-care has always been a necessity in order to live a balanced, healthy life. In the world we live in now, however, it’s something that cannot be ignored, especially by Aquarians. Aquarius is the Water Bearer, and they embrace that title by sometimes bearing the weight of the world on their shoulders. In order to fully embrace their rebellious nature and make their dream of turning the status quo on its head a reality though, they need to look after themselves too. Aquarius believes that everyone should be equal and live comfortably, so self-care is something even they won’t have trouble embracing.

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